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Celebrating Our Outdoor Space

Since August 2022, we have made significant progress towards transforming our outdoor space.
Thanks to so many people, our garden is growing into a beautiful and functional gathering place for our community.

We have expanded the outdoor garden to ten times its original size, which allows us to host larger events and accommodate more people comfortably.

We also took care of the weeds during the winter months by using cardboard, which helped us avoid using harmful chemicals. The new fencing, which we received from the property owner, provides a safer and more secure environment for our community members to gather and enjoy the space.

We also had several gifted individuals who contributed their design expertise, soil preparation, and installation skills to the project. Their time and talent have been invaluable in bringing our vision for the outdoor space to life.

To date, we have purchased materials, soil, mulch, and plants, as well as paid for delivery fees, with a total cost of $2,609.94. We are grateful for everyone's contributions, which have made it possible for us to come this far.

Recently we’ve had a generous donation of table and chairs. These will help us create an inviting environment where community members can gather, relax, and enjoy each other's company.

Please consider stopping by to celebrate the beauty of God's creation or pull a weed or two! Together we can continue to nurture and enjoy this patch of God’s beautiful creation. 


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