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Blessing Our Garden Project

Recently, parishioners cut ribbons to mark the official beginning of the Garden Project. The children of Northside blessed our future garden, hallowing the ground where the garden will grow.

Volunteers are spreading layers of cardboard to build the soil. Neighbors and friends are joining us to plan and build. Together we are bringing this community gift to life.

Through this garden, our community will share the healing power of creation with all who wander near it.

From the beginning of Northside, the founding leaders knew they wanted this community to be a place of deep spirituality. At their very first retreat they also were clear that the healing power of creation would be an important part of this community. And now those inspired dreams and visions are taking root. 

Want to help? We need even more...

  • brown cardboard without tape or staples
  • newspapers
  • brown paper bags

Why? We use these to cover the ground. The many layers kill the weeds and then over time dissolve into mulch.

Where? Bring them to the church at 3303 N. Main.

You can also sign up to learn about future work days. 

Thank you to all who have already given their time and talents to lay the foundation for our garden! 


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