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Spiritual Formation

Spiritual formation is rooted in worship and extends into every aspect of our daily lives and work.

If you are seeking a spiritual home where you can belong and grow, Northside Episcopal offers three different levels of spiritual formation.

At Northside Episcopal we share a Way of Life: 

  • Gather
  • Give
  • Pray
  • Grow

All who join us, no matter your age, are invited to cultivate a way of life around these four habits—Gather, Give, Pray, Grow.

If you want to go deeper into the 2,000 year-old Christian tradition and walk the spiritual path that Jesus pursued, Northside offers a formation method that is ongoing, yet structured. The methods and practices facilitate discovery and recovery of faith, self, and spirit.  

Its four components are:

  • Encounter Jesus
  • Live Sacramentally
  • Pray in the Tradition of the Prophets
  • Pursue a Purpose

Because traditions are handed down from one generation and practitioner to another, we cannot pursue and make meaning of these four components alone, all by ourselves. This model is built on a combination of personal study and prayer, one-on-one and small group mentoring, and instructional opportunities to learn.

Finally, for the few who are drawn to: 

  • Silence
  • Meditation
  • Serving others 

…we offer the contemplative laboratory. Think of it as a mini-monastery. This formation path is built on common and more demanding commitments to prayer and service. The contemplative laboratory is in development and open to seekers with loving hearts and open minds. 

Learn more 

Curious about pursuing your spiritual path with others at Northside Episcopal Church:

  • contact the Rev. Carissa Baldwin-McGinnis
  • And see our calendar for upcoming classes, retreats and small group gatherings.