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What to Expect

Our building and restrooms are fully accessible. There are no stairs into or inside the building.

Bilingual Worship
We worship in English and Spanish. Not all of us are bilingual. We have found over the years that moving between English and Spanish gives everyone enough head and heart food for the spiritual journey. When hearts and minds are open, the Spirit conveys the wisdom that needs sharing on any given Sunday. 

All persons are invited to receive communion at Northside Episcopal Church. You do not need to be pure, perfect, or have made an individual confession. You do not have to be baptized or an Episcopalian. You simply have to desire to share a powerful and symbolic meal with others on life’s complex and spiritual journey.

Juice is always available as a wine alternative during communion. On the rare occasion that the church serves beer or wine at an event, non-alcoholic options always abound.

Body Language
Many of us are huggers, yet we always follow the lead of our visitors as to how they would like to be greeted or to exchange the peace. A bow, a handshake, or a high five are all spoken here. Children are never forced to hug, but rather asked permission.

Child Safety 
Side hugs and high fives are the preferred practice here. Adults must ask permission before initiating bodily contact with a child. Further, our building is outfitted in conformity with the abuse prevention and safety standards of the diocese. Clergy and volunteers are safety certified and screened in accordance with diocesan requirements.

Our restrooms are gender neutral and wheelchair accessible. One includes a diaper changing table. Both have training potties for young friends and foot stools so kids can wash hands easily.

COVID Practices
Masks are optional at this time. Sanitzer and disposable masks for all ages are available in the entry.