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Lend us your spirit and your voice. Even first time visitors can have a role in our bilingual services.
The Spirit moves us and God shapes us as we read, pray and sing together.

10:15am Sundays | Worship 
Bring your whole self and your true self to this participatory communion service. The second Sunday of each month is different. Worship is shorter, and we share breakfast instead of communion. Children are welcome, included, and essential. They may act their age and will receive thematic coloring pages upon arrival.

Second Sunday Brunch Church | 10:15am
On the second Sunday of each month at 10:15am in lieu of our regular service, we have Brunch Church. This is an opportunity to bless birthdays, build our friendship, and learn from each other over a shared meal.

Last Sunday of the month Children’s Eucharist  | 9 am
Our Children's Eucharist is a shorter communion service. We have an altar for small children. Afterward we like to hang out in the kitchen together. All ages are welcome. Listen to the young as they pray. They will inspire you! We'll continue the service once a month after Easter. 

Our music reflects our mixed ethnic culture. Led by Thanh Montes we sing traditional Anglo and African American hymns  as well as meditative and contemporary Latin and Hispanic tunes. The lyrics are bilingual. Expect to be offered something percussive for the closing song. We insist on ending with joy and vigor.