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About/Quienes Somos

We are an Episcopal church in the Near Northside of Houston, founded in 2019. We invite you to come and grow with us. We are children. We are elders. We are single. We are couples and mulitracial families. Some of us are blank slates. Some are human canvases. We are gender affirming, and we are gender bending. We are converts and lifelong Christians. We are seekers. Most of us know our way around hell and now live courageous lives of love, liberation and celebration. At Northside Episcopal Church we are who we are. And, you can be you.

We all join together as we pray, worship and serve our neighbors. Together we are becoming and sharing God’s light in community. 

Our Priest


The Rev. Carissa Baldwin-McGinnis loves contemplative prayer and a good dance party. Before being commissioned to start Northside Episcopal Church in 2019, Carissa served Episcopal congregations in Houston and Los Angeles, worked in human rights in Washington, D.C. and was a community organizer in South Texas. She and her wife, Pam, are the proud parents of three extraordinary children. Carissa looks forward to meeting you and welcoming you to explore the spiritual community of Northside. 

Our Musician

Thanh Montes began his musical journey for the Episcopal Church at Iglesia Episcopal San Mateo in Houston, TX, where he first played trombone before transitioning to guitar and vocal leadership from 2007 to 2017. Over the past 15 years, he has directed music for various congregations in the Diocese of Texas, emphasizing multicultural and multilingual music integration. Thanh's dedication to this approach has earned him invitations to lead and perform at numerous church-wide and diocesan events. Thanh is excited about fostering a spiritual experience and connection through musical worship at Northside.

We are members of the Episcopal Church in the Diocese of Texas. 

Learn more about what Episcopalians believe about God, the Bible, the Book of Common Prayer, the Creeds, and Sacraments here:

100 percent of the money you give today goes to the ministry, outreach, and growth of Northside
Episcopal Church. 

As a new church plant, the Episcopal Diocese of Texas contributes a generous part of Northside’s operating expenses. At this time, the diocese pays for our priest’s salary, housing allowance, pension and healthcare. The contributions of church members and supporters support all additional ministry expenses. The hope for Diocesan church plants is that as our congregation grows, we will rely less upon Diocesan contributions over time.

Our 2023 balanced budget included $203,000 in planned income and expenses.  A final accounting for the year will be available soon along with the 2024 congregation budget.

Members of Northside’s Bishop’s Committee (lay leaders appointed by Texas Bishop Andy Doyle) are responsible for the congregation’s fundraising efforts and stewardship of finances, like approving ministry team leaders’ estimated expenses.

Northside clergy and lay leaders work diligently to ensure that we are good stewards. Documentation for all expenses are reported to the Diocesan Finance Office for multiple layers of approval and accounting.

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